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Consumer Unit Upgrade

It is common knowledge that we should be testing our smoke alarms regularly. The same is true of your consumer unit. Just like a smoke alarm, it is there to protect you and prevent any harm.

Upgrading your consumer unit is more than just an electrical job. It is a vital part of ensuring that your home and your loved ones are safe. You may know your consumer unit by its more common name, a fuse box. However this piece of equipment is referred to, it is vital that it is in good repair so that it can operate efficiently and effectively. 

What is a consumer unit for?

A consumer unit is in place to control the electrics in your home. These units can detect when there is a problem with wiring or an electrical device. When these problems occur, your consumer unit will force, on a basic level, a ‘trip’.

Consumer units are now all fitted with a residual current device (RCD). An RCD is an intelligent part of your consumer unit and detects a problem long before you do. They will even activate in a split second should a live wire ever be touched in your house.

Does my consumer unit need an upgrade?

If your consumer unit does not have an RCD, then yes, it will need upgrading. There are still even consumer units out there with wooden backs. Dating back to the 1950s, these are no longer fit for purpose and certainly require updating.

When it comes to upgrading an RCD unit, it is vital that you use fully qualified electricians. This is certainly not a do-it-yourself job. A faulty consumer unit can ultimately, and tragically, lead to loss of life either through fires or electric shock. Ensure that your home isn’t one of those at risk.

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